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Cabbra. A coin that’s going to change entire world transactions.



There’s a good chance that you’ve heard terms such as blockchain or bitcoin in recent years and wondered if it was relevant to you. Well it depends specifically on if you want your transactions and payment methods to be more secure, happen faster or cost a fraction of what traditional methods cost.
That was the case when Bitcoin hit the scene as the first cryptocurrency built off blockchain-related technology. It was a peerless, trustless system that enabled to process transactions seamlessly, and the value of Bitcoin itself exploded over time.
Yet it wasn’t enough to handle the entire globe. While Bitcoin is still quite valuable these days and still as secure as originally promised, its chain or transaction platform has become a slow one that doesn’t seem as beneficial anymore.
Enter Cabbra – a better blockchain for all
While Bitcoin helped to lay the foundation, there are better routes these days when it comes to handling your transactions quickly, anonymously, and securely. Cabbra aims to be the best chain for all and even open the ability for anyone, including you, to build out your own blockchain.
What does that mean for you? It means that you can operate with Cabbra 24/7 with no downtime and handle any type of transaction online and offline. It’s all secure via the smart contract being developed that helps to keep the encryption safe.
You don’t only need to transact and use it as a payment processor, but you’ll be able to create your own exchanges and even financial instruments and banking features through the usage of Cabbra.
For those that are looking to do a deeper dive with Cabbra, they can expand the functionality of the chain to include gaming features, adding a whole new dimension to the blockchain while being able to generate cryptocurrency as well.
Why Cabbra?
Coming from the animal Capybara, it’s meant to evoke feelings of serenity and peace, as well as originality, that it showcases in the animal kingdom. That’s the ethos of the project itself and why it was imperative that we create a completely new blockchain powered on its own instead of developing existing blockchains that continue to get slower and less efficient.
The blockchain network itself will be using a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. This allows for those with the soon-to-be-minted tokens to verify and enable the transactions on the new blockchain itself.
From there, we not only work to reward those that stake their coins on the network with additional tokens but work to expand utility for those tokens via Non-Fungible Token (NFT) generation. As well as that we foster the right types of partnerships to ensure constant usability and thus maintain the value of the tokens themselves.
Join the revolution with our ICO
Our Initial Coin Offering ICO is coming soon and we’d like you to be a part of it. By getting in earlier with our crypto presale you’ll be able to get yourself access to a fresh new blockchain. It’s different because it’s specifically geared towards being a global payment processor as well as a launchpad into the ever-expanding Web3 industry.
Our ICO, inclusive of the crypto presale, is looking to gather $250 million worth of sales. This will help to empower us and enable us to build the right blockchain of the future. With those that join the ICO, they themselves will also have a say in the direction that we will take with Cabbra to get it to what is needed in the blockchain space now more than ever.
We are not only confident with a mission to cooperate and connect companies around the world to seamlessly transact with each other, but they’re also without the delays of traditional financing or the volatility of various currency fluctuations. Making it simple to be able to trade with Cabbra tokens for payments of goods and services.
Financial freedom starts here
Remember, when you help to support our project, you help to take back control of how financial management should be. That means not having those traditional third-party methods that inundate us with fees and unnecessary restrictions. Join our crypto presale and ICO today.