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Cabbra Presale is here!


We’re happy to announce that the presale for Cabbra tokens is now live! That means you’re finally able to get in on the action and help support a fantastic project looking to change how we handle our finances.
About the presale
The presale is already live and will run its course through February 2024. We’re looking to hit a certain target, and we feel that we can achieve those targets. However, only with your support and sharing the news of our presale with others.
Our presale price is currently at $0.50 per token and remember that will start to change very quickly as we approach our official sale date. That means if you’re able to come in now you’ll also be able to maximize your potential returns when the sale goes fully live and it’s out on the open market. So giving you plenty of incentive to get in early and reap the most rewards!
You, as an investor, should consider participating in the Cabbra token presale for numerous reasons. The first major reason is the mission that the Cabbra team is on. Also, the track record they have had so far with delivering what they intended to do. The project community is gaining more and more supporters, meaning you will be part of a very active and engaging community.
Get onboard with our journey
The presale itself is a way for you to invest and have involvement with the mission and vision behind Cabbra. So if you feel aligned with everything the Cabbra team will do, you should consider supporting this cryptocurrency project and the presale for its ICO. The Cabbra team commits itself to building a successful project and has a clear roadmap for the future.
Also, with such a small amount per token, it doesn’t require a heavy investment from anyone. There’s also a cap on the amount of investment to ensure that the diversification is as large as possible.
The Cabbra team is aiming to hit a certain amount, which, after reaching that, may not move forward with additional presales or any type of open sale. The current cap for the presale efforts is set at $250 million at the moment.
Taking a closer look at the Cabbra ecosystem
Looking deeper into what the Cabbra team is aiming to do, it’s a next-generation development into the world of blockchain. So its plans for usability are meant to mimic everyday transactions. These range from paying bills, transferring funds, to even going shopping. This means that it is expected to have a huge user base as well.
It’s essentially meant to allow us to spend our money how we want to. All without the restrictions the existing financial system has. So that means total financial freedom and control over your funds. All with networks that don’t cost an arm and a leg to use properly. Investing in Cabbra means investing in a world without the middlemen of banks and other financial institutions. We all know how these go-betweens delay your money usage as well as charge exorbitant fees in many cases. So all users will be able to indulge in a new way to use their payments. Free from the shackles of the old world.
How Cabbra works
Cabbra itself will be its own blockchain and have its own token standards. These standards will enable complete freedom from existing chains that have been bogged down by outdated technology and, in some cases, politics. So it will be just as secure, if not more secure, utilizing smart contract technologies to allow for a trustless transaction system.
It will also help to enhance and improve privacy features that were an original key component of the blockchain industry. This has been put on the wayside as crypto wallets and addresses have been made public easily. This is not only as part of the trustless system but also with ownership. Originally, blockchain technology was all about anonymity, as it shouldn’t have mattered at all.
It will also follow a proof of stake consensus mechanism. This means those who participate in the presale will immediately start to earn rewards. These rewards will be in the form of preferential staking terms. These will enable the generation of additional coins as investors pledge a portion of their tokens back on the blockchain to help with transactional verification. The more tokens investors pledge, the faster the consensus will be, leading to seamless transaction times and verifications.
Of course, proof of stake is also the more eco-friendly solution when it comes to transaction verification. It enables users to pledge their coins to the chains as a way to support the trustless verification system. This is all without the need for antiquated mining techniques that were a waste of energy and other resources. It’s an enhanced system that offers much more convenience and user satisfaction.
A quick look at what to expect in the future
Alongside getting a significantly discount on the price point for the Cabbra token and access to the highly secure and highly anonymous Cabbra network, there are more developments. There are already plans integrated to expand the utilization of a fantastic function of tokens, which is Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
These are an excellent digital verification tool that helps to prevent fraud with digital items and provide non-hackable ownership proof to the user themselves. The Cabbra Network will have both its own marketplace and integrations with other marketplaces at the same time. This will ensure that the community maximizes the functionality of NFTs.
All of this will also be seamlessly handled by the fact that there will be a Cabbra wallet that will do away with those pesky seed phrases and the need for third-party custody wallets. All that ended up doing was adding multiple layers of security but stifling the ecosystem and crypto economy, as it essentially locked away those cryptocurrencies from being able to be traded.
Get yourself investing in the Cabbra ICO today
As mentioned, we’re already live with our presale and ready to take your Ethereum to help with the funding for our project. We will continue to develop the right partnerships within the blockchain and crypto communities that make the most sense. Ones that can help provide the most utility and exposure for our investors and others who are part of our ecosystem. We believe partnerships are just as critical as the development of the right type of technologies in our journey of being able to have complete financial freedom with our monies.
We make sure that with this purchase you will have a louder voice and have a say on what direction we should take next. This will come from our governance mechanisms that are meant to give everyone who holds a token a voice. Naturally the more tokens one has means the more impact their voice will have.
For those who want to invest in our presale the best way to stay in touch with us is through our official channels online. Our social media and website. Here you will not only get the most up to date news but also the most accurate information. We will always keep you up to speed of what we’re up to and where we are headed next. So watch our spaces!
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