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The Cabbra project is raising funds!


Cabbra is helping to bring everything related to blockchain technologies and the utilization of cryptocurrency to the next level. With that said, we are also currently in the process of working to get you, our community, involved. Those who are interested may be thinking, “How do I get involved with such a project?”. Well, the best way is to own a part of it.
Cabbra is currently in the early stages of raising funds through its presale and will eventually have a complete ICO. This will help those who saw the vision early on do well on their investment of buying the ICO and they get their just rewards.
The Cabbra presale is live at the moment, and there’s both a small minimum as well as a cap for this presale. So now is the time to get it. The tokens being sold are at the lowest price during the entire presale phase, meaning you’re looking at some excellent prices now. Get in early and strike while the time is right!
The total amount of funds the Cabbra presale and sales are looking to make is up to $250 million USD. These funds will only help to continue enabling further development of the Cabbra ecosystem. The aim of this is to ease the major issues and chokepoints that are disturbing the world of crypto and blockchains.

Growing the Cabbra Digital Village

We’re also working tirelessly to grow our digital community. We want to ensure there is a strong initial usage of our ecosystem and products and that it continues to only head in one direction, which is growth. We feel that an expanding community is a key aspect of continued usage. It’s also vital for continued success with the Cabbra presale and the Cabbra project overall.
That’s why, in tandem with our Cabbra presale, we’ve also launched our social media channels and dedicated resources to them to ensure that there is traction and that it holds. We are currently dedicating our efforts to Discord and Twitter.
With our Discord channel, we have already over 160 members in just four days. We are also currently adding members daily, if not every few hours. Discord is our main form of live communication with our community. There the members are able to reach us quickly and discuss the present and future Cabbra. It’s also a place for like-minded individuals to meet each other and continue their passion for everything crypto and future technologies, whether it’s Web3 related or not.
For our announcements and news in general, we have created a Twitter channel that is a standard when it comes to sharing information with our community. Currently we have around 600 followers and this is growing just as rapidly as our Discord Channel. We believe it’s key for those who want to get the latest news as soon as it’s ready from us to start following our Twitter so that you get notified as soon as we publish. It’s the fastest way of getting fresh updates, and that is critical during this time of fundraising, especially during our Cabbra presale.

Focusing on Partnerships

At the same time, while a strong community is a key pillar to our success, another major pillar is that of our partnerships, as well as visibility on staple crypto-related sites. Our CoinMarketCap has already been submitted and is under review. We expect it to be properly and positively processed so that you can find the latest data and information about it. You’ll be able to see key information such as current pricing, our official website, our certifications and most importantly, our market cap.
In addition, we’re also in discussion with Gemsradar. This will show similar information to CoinMarketCap and help give you an alternative to getting live information about our token from there.
We are also in multiple discussions with other partnerships to help inform people about our projects and what to expect in the future. That’s why we reiterate how critical it is for you to sign up to our social media channels on Discord and Twitter. These places will have the announcements first once it goes live.
Our partnerships are also not just about partnering with anyone. They’re about focusing on those partners who are ready to help build the next evolution for the industry. One that is ensuring blockchain and cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

A closer look at the mission of Cabbra

Cabbra aims to develop a complete ecosystem in the blockchain world. This all starts with developing a new protocol and blockchain that is ready to empower everyone in the world. It’s meant to create a blockchain that is ready to initiate and handle transactions seamlessly and securely. This is regardless of the amount and who is using it. The intention is to help eliminate the need for the middlemen of financial institutions that have been in the way of true financial transparency. We are ready to help empower users and give them their own financial ecosystem. No more do you have to be a slave to banks and other payment processors. You can have more of a hand and control over transactions.
That means from day one of utilizing our ecosystem; you will be able to have total control over your financial assets and do with them as you see fit. In fact, ownership of Cabbra tokens in the ecosystem will not only give you complete control of your own assets but will give you a true say in the overall governance and direction that the project will go. That means helping to shape and craft the ecosystem that works for you. Not simply being forced into a financial system that doesn’t always make the most sense to people.

Proof of stake and NFTs

In addition, as a way to verify transactions, reward users and maintain impeccable stability, Cabbra will be using a proof of stake system. This means that users themselves can stake their tokens to help with trustless verifications and earn additional tokens in the process. Users who wish to hold a significant amount of CABBRA tokens or pool them together can become validators. These are the gatekeepers of transactional responsibility.
On top of making sure accessibility and security are paramount, Cabbra will also venture into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. These help to verify the authenticity and ownership of virtual products. We plan on developing our own marketplace for such items, as well as exclusive partnerships with those who create NFTs. We also plan on a later roadmap to work with other NFT marketplaces. This is to ensure seamless functionality between all of the various blockchains.

Start with us in the beginning

Don’t wait any longer and become part of the future of the financial world and how it will function. It isn’t something that is a theory or just a nice thought. It is actively happening and developing as we speak. Joining our presale will only ensure that we are successful and able to develop what needs to be developed. However, we don’t just mean any advancements; we mean advancing correctly the first time. This will give you an end-to-end platform that is capable of handling what the financial industry really needs.
We’re ready to build the future with you.